The Wise Hippo Positivity Pouch

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Here you will find 20 beautiful affirmation cards to put up around your house to help you maintain positive thoughts and feelings about pregnancy and birth. These cards are designed to promote self care,a positive outlook and increase confidence and belief in your ability to birth your baby. The calming pebble within is an anchor that represents deep relaxation. Carry it with you as a reminder of all the wonderful Wise Hippo techniques that you have learnt along the way on your pregnancy journey.


rainbow door

45min activity affirmation session

Choose a 45 minute activity such as painting or drawing and have this playing in the background. Positive statements ( Affirmations) are a great way to calm the mind and connect with what is important to you. This session is designed to make your whole family feel better and more positive in their surroundings.

This session was created by all Wise Hippo Teachers coming together.

Calm and Relaxed MP3

Managing Morning Sickness MP3

TV personality Ferne McCann started her journey with The Wise Hippo by listening to our managing morning sickness MP3

birth path book cover

The birthpath book

Written by Tamara Cianfini ( coming soon)

If you are thinking about joining a Wise Hippo course then you may want to read this first. This book is a modern approach to hypnobirthing that will lay the foundations for any face to face hypnobirthing course.