Teaching hypnobirthing is a flexible and rewarding career

Why become a
Wise Hippo Teacher

Our NEW flexible approach to training for 2022

You can NOW train to become a Wise Hippo/Hypnobirthing teacher at a time that suits you:


  1. Email training@thewisehippo.com for your free teacher training pack and booking form.
  2. Training Fee - £997 ( or 4 monthly payments of £250) This is a fully tax deductible expense.
  3. Once payment has been received your teaching materials will be posted directly to you
  4. Attend the online 'Hypnosis foundation module' - 4 hours 
  5. Attend the online 'Birth foundation module' - 6 hours 
  6. Attend 4 x 'How to teach modules' - 8 hours 
  7. Book your face to face practice/planning session with Tamara Cianfini
  8. Complete your Case study and submit your feedback forms
  9. Attend a live and online scheduled marketing workshop ( optional) 
  10. Your recognised certification as a Wise Hippo/Hypnobirthing teacher will be awarded once you have taught your case study and submitted all required feedback forms

YOUR TRAINER - Tamara Cianfini, Founder of The Wise Hippo Birthing Programme


In addition to the above requirements you will receive full support from The Wise Hippo team alongside the wisdom and experience of all the like minded teachers that love to wallow in 'The Wise Hippo POD'. 

We are one big family here at The Wise Hippo!

Our teachers are wise, welcoming, thoughtful, kind and supportive.

Next Marketing day - Sunday 26th June 2022. This is live and online with Tamara Cianfini

The Wise Hippo Teacher Certification/Diploma - details below.

FEDANT ( Federation of Antenatal Educators) Accreditation

Your role as a Wise Hippo teacher:

A Wise Hippo teacher is warm, wise and non judgemental in their approach. Your role as a teacher will be to transform anxious parents into confident and prepared parents with life changing education and tools for life.

We have world class materials and resources for you and your clients to access when you become a Wise Hippo teacher. We know that customer experience and reputation is everything in business as this is what will have clients coming back to you time and time again. If you do not have any experience in teaching or running your own business that's ok there will be plenty of resources and support to help you along the way.

What are you waiting for?

The expectant parents in your area need YOU and this LIFE CHANGING education right NOW! 

See you in the POD!

Tamara and the Wise Hippo team x

Please note - Training needs to be completed within 12 months of your start date ( That's plenty of time!) 


Kind words from Wise Hippo teachers

Becoming a hypnobirthing teacher with Aviva
Becoming a hypnobirthing teacher with Emma
Becoming a hypnobirthing teacher with Sabah
Becoming a hypnobirthing teacher with Maria
Becoming a hypnobirthing teacher with Rebecca
Becoming a hypnobirthing teacher with Keri

Teaching Materials

The birth path book is a great introduction to hypnobirthing

The Wise Hippo Book

When your couples book onto a Wise Hippo course they will receive a Wise Hippo book containing details of how to download their relaxation MP3s. This book is set out in 4 easy to follow classes including instructions on how to prepare well, homework and practice diary.

World class hypnobirthing resources and materials

The Wise Hippo Teacher's Handbook

This A4 size Handbook contains all of your Hypnosis scripts that you will read out in all 4 class. This book also contains the necessary information on how to teach The Wise Hippo techniques.

NEW for 2022 - All Wise Hippo scripts can now be recorded in the teachers own voice for a lovely personal touch to your courses. ( There is a production cost for this service)

Wise Hippo teachers can teach pregnant couples live and online too

The Wise Hippo Video Library

A jam packed video library with incredible birth footage and interviews from Wise Hippo parents is available for you and your pregnant couples when you join the Wise Hippo community.

hypnobirthing teachers will learn how to market their business

All Marketing materials, logos etc

We will provide you with information on how to market your business and give you plenty of support along the way. You will be given access to all marketing materials and Wise Hippo logos etc for the promotion of your Wise Hippo courses.

It has helped me become a more relaxed and in control person and has helped me focus on the bigger picture during the most difficult year of my life (not baby related, he has been the blessing from this year).

Andrea Casey

The Wise Hippo Teacher Training comes in 3 parts 

1. Your online training modules include:

  1. The Birth foundation module
  2. The Hypnosis foundation module  
  3. How to teach the 4 classes

2. Your personal 'Practice/Planning session'  

I have been supporting and training hypnobirthing teachers since 2008 and I have found that those that choose this path do so for many different reasons. Some are looking for a complete change in career, some have run a business before and others haven't. Some choose to do this to add another string to their bow and many have gone through the programme themselves and feel training to share this knowledge with others has become their calling.

Everyone is different and it is important that I tailor your training to suit you and your individual needs based on what you want to achieve. It is for this reason I am now offering a one to one practice and planning session with me based on your specific needs.

In this practice/planning session I will ensure that you fully understand how to teach all Wise Hippo techniques in a fun and effective way and I will tailor an individual plan for you based on your requirements and background so that you have all that you need in order to move forward as a confident and successful Wise Hippo teacher.

I know that my success is your success which is why I feel it is important to explore and spend time with you on an individual basis. I look forward to meeting you in person very soon. Tamara x

* Please note that birth professionals do not need to attend the birth foundation module

3. Your Case Study

You will find and teach a pregnant couple the full programme ( 4 x 2.5 hour classes). The Wise Hippo will provide all your case study materials. You and your clients will fill in a feedback form and once your case study has been reviewed your certification will then be awarded. Your case study does not need to have had their baby before receiving your certificate. 

Teacher training for Midwives

Please email training@thewisehippo.com for your free teacher training pack. When emailing please let us know whether you are wanting to teach privately, within the NHS or both.

MIDWIVES looking to teach privately

If you are a midwife or student midwife looking to teach privately, the cost for your full training is £800 ( 4 x monthly payments of £200) 

MIDWIVES looking to teach within the NHS

Huge Congratulations to NHS Surrey and Sussex, Wolverhampton, Birmingham Women's, Sandwell and West Birmingham, Isle of Wight and Student Midwives of London South Bank University who have trained in 2021 to teach The Wise Hippo Birthing Programme.


* Tamara Cianfini is happy to travel to your NHS trust to teach your group of midwives. All teaching materials will be provided on the day.

Training Cost for NHS Midwives - £297 per midwife ( based on a group of 15 midwives attending)

This includes full training, teaching materials/resources and full certification.

Midwives can be trained face to face or live and online via zoom if preferred.


1. Online Hypnosis foundation module - 4 hours

2. One day Face to Face with Tamara Cianfini 

Times : 9.30am - 5.30pm


The Wise Hippo book ( This also comes in an online version also)

Access to the Wise Hippo HUB ( website) where couples can access a total of 12 MP3s to download.

Over 100 videos to support their learning in the video library inc. a breastfeeding class and postnatal videos.

Support via The Wise Hippo HUB Facebook group.

Cost £18 per couple  ( book and access to' The Wise Hippo HUB')


It is popular for Wise Hippo teachers to become doulas and for doulas to become Wise Hippo teachers. Here is the perfect collaboration!

The Wise Hippo ( Tamara Cianfini) and Developing Doulas ( Maddie McMahon) are now offering a special training package for both trainings.

If you book The Wise Hippo teacher training and a Developing Doulas training together, your investment will be:

£1395 ( That's a saving of £302.00)

For more information please visit www.developingdoulas.co.uk for training dates and availability.

Click here for more information - Developing Doulas

For more details and to book your training place please email:  training@thewisehippo.com