The birth path book is a great introduction to hypnobirthing


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    The Birth Path Book

    If you are thinking about joining a Wise Hippo course then you may want to read this first. This book is a modern approach to hypnobirthing that will lay the foundations for any face to face hypnobirthing course.

    Written by Tamara Cianfini.

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    The FAMILY Activity Session

    Choose an activity such as painting or drawing and have this recording playing in the background. Positive statements are a great way to calm the mind and reduce anxiety. This session is designed to make your family feel better and more positive throughout challenging times.

    This session was created by The Wise Hippo teachers.

    The Morning Sickness Session

    Your subconscious mind is well equipped to manage your feelings and to give both you and your baby the relief you deserve. This self hypnosis session has been specifically designed to help you relax deeply,feel better and to alter your body's response to excessive morning sickness,whenever the feelings come on.

    ( This recording is designed to take you into a deep state of relaxation. Do not listen to this recording whilst operating machinery or any other activity that requires your full attention )

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    Relax,Breathe & Birth Class - Intro Session

    If you have attended the "Relax,Breathe & Birth class", view your videos here.

    Please note you will need the password given to you when you completed our introductory class to access this page.

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