Fast-tracking over to teach The Wise Hippo Birthing Programme is easy

FastTrack Training for Hypnobirthing teachers

If you are already a qualified Hypnobirthing practitioner/teacher and have a certification with another provider, fast tracking to teach The Wise Hippo way is easy. 


Wise Hippo teachers can teach pregnant couples live and online too

How do I become a Wise Hippo teacher?

  • Email us a copy of your certification to
  • Complete and send back our online registration agreement form 
  • Fast Track fee –  £145  ( inc Vat)
  • International teachers are also eligible to fast track. The programme is currently available in French with other languages coming soon. If you would prefer your clients to order their resources direct to save on international postage costs please refer them to

*Your annual £90 licence fee is included in the above price for the first 12 months and all teaching materials will be posted out to you. Once you gain access to The POD you will find plenty of videos to help you easily transition over to teaching The Wise Hippo way. Please know that you are welcome to set your own class prices and structure your classes to suit you and your client's needs.


The Wise Hippo gave me the confidence not only in myself, but to ask questions and make informed decisions. Because of this, I remained in control throughout and owned our birth! Techniques have helped me beyond pregnancy and labour, including with breastfeeding and more recently (5 years later) in stressful situations #lifetimeknowledge

Sally O'Connor
The Wise Hippo launched in May 2013

About the Wise Hippo

The Wise Hippo was conceived in 2013. The launch was held at the Active Birth Centre in London where Hypnobirthing teachers from different programmes (Mongan Method and KG Hypnobirthing) came together for the day to see how the Wise Hippo was going to shake up the Hypnobirthing world with their modern approach.

I am pleased to say the teachers loved what we had done with the content and materials. Teacher training and support was high on our list of priorities and still is today. With over 300 teachers the Wise Hippo is leading the way in Hypnobirthing teacher training and providing great materials for Hypnobirthig teachers and their pregnant couples.

2013 The Wise Hippo launch

Joining The Wise Hippo community

  • You will receive a teacher pack with all your Wise Hippo teaching materials, scripts, videos and a certificate will be emailed to you.
  • You will gain access The Wise Hippo POD where you will be able to order class materials, download admin forms and logos for marketing. You will also find instructional videos here to help you easily and quickly learn how to teach all 4 classes
  • You will be invited and welcomed to The Wise Hippo POD support group on Facebook
  • You will feature on the Wise Hippo directory so that your classes can be found in your area
  • You will gain access to the NEW Wise Hippo video library with plenty of inspirational Wise Hippo birth footage 
  • The Birth Path Book ( A great introduction to The Wise Hippo Birthing Programme) This book is designed to encourage expectant parents to book your face to face classes. ( Available on Amazon)

If you have any specific questions not covered here please contact us at

Fast Track Cost : £145 ( Licence Fee, set up and all materials)

The hippo represents fertility and childbirth

We look forward to welcoming you to the POD!

Tamara Cianfini x