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Hypnobirthing within the NHS

We can support you with a simple, cost effective solution that requires minimal administration, saving you time and money.

The real benefits though have to be the educational benefits for your pregnant couples. Our ‘Right birth on the day’ approach will ensure that couples will come away from their birth experiences feeling more satisfied and better prepared for parenthood. 

The way you educate your pregnant couples will directly influence the outcome of their birth experience. If you empower them with great antenatal education that focuses on both the mind and body you will be preparing them to manage their birth no matter what happens on the day.

The Wise Hippo techniques are tools for life and when you teach your couples how to become experts in relaxation their bodies will be better equipped for birthing and their minds in a much better place to make informed decisions. This programme includes educating the birth partner too so that they know what to do on the day also, making the role of the midwife just that little bit easier. 

We believe all women are different just as all births are different and The Wise Hippo Programme has been carefully crafted with this in mind. It is not about promoting one type of birth it is about promoting the right birth on the day.Yes, there can be curve balls whilst birthing which is why these tools and techniques can be transferrable to all kinds of births. That is the true value of implementing the Wise Hippo education into your trust.


They didn’t realise my baby was breech until I got there which meant my water birth had gone out the window. I remember calmly weighing up all my options before agreeing to a Caesarean birth. I had my music playing in the background and I used my breathing to keep calm. I was aware of people rushing around but it didn’t bother me in the slightest because I just focussed on what I had learnt. It was actually a magical experience and definitely still the right birth on the day for us all!

Laura from Hertfordshire.

How a woman feels about her birth experience afterwards is vital as this can impact on her mental health and wellbeing as a new mum and any future relationships she has. There is a way to ensure your couples have the best start to parenthood and that is what The Wise Hippo education and tools for life techniques very much focus on. 

Once this training has been completed then Midwives will be eligible to deliver The Wise Hippo Birthing Programme within their NHS Trust

The Wise Hippo Teacher Training

Your training will come in 3 parts

  1. Online Training
    (8 hours home study)
  2. 1 Day Face to Face training 
    (with Tamara Cianfini)
  3. Case Study
    (teaching the full course to a pregnant couple)

The Wise Hippo Birthing Programme

Is set out as 4 easy to follow classes. It has been created with simplicity in mind and with its straightforward approach and easy to understand techniques it is open to everyone.

Expectant Clients are provided with a workbook that follows the 4 session structure and relaxation mp3s to support their practice of the techniques.

You can either purchase these books in bulk or instruct your pregnant couples to purchase it directly from this website with a password that will be given to your trust.

On-going support can be provided by us via our closed Facebook group ‘The Wise Hippo HUB’. We appreciate that within the National Health Service it may not be possible to provide additional support once Clients have completed their courses, therefore, our experts will be available to answer any questions that they may have.

Each individual class has a structured format meaning more than one midwife can teach it at a time. This will enable all midwives to be on the same page as well as reducing any cancellations. It will also enable you to offer classes to your pregnant couples with a more flexible teaching rota.


This training is for NHS midwives, student midwives and health care assistants 

Cost : £297 per Midwife ( Based on a min of 15 midwives attending)

Cost includes full training, certification, support and teaching materials)

Trainer : Tamara Cianfini will visit your trust in person or alternatively an online training via zoom can be arranged. 


The cost to become a private Wise Hippo teacher ( if already trained within the NHS) is £297.  

What do your pregnant couples receive when they book onto a Wise Hippo course?

The Wise Hippo couples book (You can purchase this for them in advance or they can purchase it directly from the Wise Hippo website)

Access to the Wise Hippo membership area (we call this The Wise Hippo HUB). Here they will find their relaxation tracks to download, more useful information and video library.

Wise Hippo couples can also join the online ‘Wise Hippo Hub’ Facebook group where they can gain extra support and have any non medical questions answered.

The cost per couple is £18 plus P&P

It only takes one passionate midwife to make it happen.

You may find that your trust requires you to put together a business proposal in order to get the green light to train your midwives.

Some NHS Trusts offer the education for free and others see it a revenue earner. If you would like to receive an example of a business proposal for your trust please let us know as we have had many midwives in the past put these together. (There is no point reinventing the wheel!)


nhs labour suite wise hippo

A Wise Hippo teacher is passionate about childbirth and positive birth

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