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Hypnobirthing within the NHS

Experience a streamlined, cost-effective solution that not only conserves time and resources but also delivers exceptional educational benefits to expectant parents. Our "Right Birth on the Day" approach ensures couples transition into parenthood feeling empowered, informed, and deeply satisfied with their birth experience.

The education you impart to expecting couples profoundly impacts their birth journey. By offering them a holistic antenatal education that emphasises both mental and physical preparedness, you're positioning them for a more positive birth, irrespective of the circumstances.

The Wise Hippo techniques transcend traditional birth tools; they're foundational life skills. Teaching expectant parents these relaxation strategies ensures they're physically and mentally optimized for the birthing process. Additionally, by integrating birth partners into the programme, they transform into instrumental allies on the birth day, which substantially supports the midwife's role.

For midwives, the adoption of The Wise Hippo Programme can lead to:

  1. A more collaborative birthing environment where couples are proactive participants.
  2. Reduced stress and pressures during the birthing process, as informed couples often have better coping mechanisms.
  3. A potential decrease in medical interventions, given that couples equipped with effective relaxation and coping techniques may experience smoother birth processes.

The heart of The Wise Hippo Programme is the acknowledgment that every birth is distinct. Instead of promoting a single birth paradigm, it champions the individuality of each birthing experience. Even when unexpected challenges emerge, the adaptability of the Wise Hippo tools ensures their relevance across diverse birthing situations. Incorporating this program not only enriches the birthing experience for couples but also elevates the practice and efficacy of midwifery.

They didn’t realise my baby was breech until I got there which meant my water birth had gone out the window. I remember calmly weighing up all my options before agreeing to a Caesarean birth. I had my music playing in the background and I used my breathing to keep calm. I was aware of people rushing around but it didn’t bother me in the slightest because I just focussed on what I had learnt. It was actually a magical experience and definitely still the right birth on the day for us all!

Laura from Hertfordshire.

An individual's perception of their birthing experience is pivotal. It not only influences their mental well-being as a new parent but can also shape their future relationships. The Wise Hippo education, combined with its 'tools for life' techniques, is dedicated to ensuring that all parents start their journey on the right foot.

Upon completing this training, midwives will be certified to offer The Wise Hippo Birthing Programme within their NHS Trust, enhancing the birthing experience for a diverse range of families.

The Wise Hippo Teacher Training

Your training will come in 3 parts

  1. Online Training
    (8 hours home study)
  2. 1 Day Face to Face training 
    (with Tamara Cianfini)
  3. Case Study
    (teaching the full course to a pregnant couple)

The Wise Hippo Birthing Programme

Is set out as 4 easy to follow classes. It has been created with simplicity in mind and with its straightforward approach and easy to understand techniques it is open to everyone.

Expectant parents are provided with a workbook that follows the 4 session structure and downloadable relaxation sessions and videos to support their learning and practice of the techniques.

There are 2 ways expectant parents can receive their Wise Hippo book and access to The Wise Hippo HUB 

1. You can purchase materials for expectant parents via the shop in The Wise Hippo POD and then distribute in class.

2. Send expectant parents to www.hypnobirth.co.uk to purchase materials directly. ( This is a popular option for the NHS as less admin is required) 

You and the expectant parents in your care will have plenty of support along the way too.

Continued support is a cornerstone of The Wise Hippo Birthing programme. Through our exclusive Facebook group, 'The Wise Hippo HUB', we offer a community where questions and concerns relating to the programme are addressed. Recognising the constraints within the National Health Service, our experts step in to provide that extra layer of hypnobirthing support for parents once they've finished their courses.

Midwives can share classes

Our class structure is designed for collaborative teaching, allowing multiple midwives to co-teach seamlessly. This not only ensures consistency in the material being delivered but also minimises cancellations. Moreover, it offers greater flexibility in scheduling, making it more convenient for expecting parents to attend.


This training is for NHS midwives, student midwives and health care assistants 

Cost : £297 per Midwife ( Based on a min of 15 midwives attending)

Cost includes full training, certification, support and teaching materials)

Trainer : Tamara Cianfini will visit your trust in person or alternatively an online training via zoom can be arranged. 

Looking to teach private classes ( outside of the NHS) ? 

If you are looking to teach privately please visit the main Teacher Training page. We provide wonderful discounts for NHS Students /Midwives. 

What do your pregnant couples receive when they book onto a Wise Hippo course?

The Wise Hippo couples book (You can purchase this for them in advance or they can purchase it directly from the Wise Hippo website)

Access to the Wise Hippo membership area (we call this The Wise Hippo HUB). Here they will find their relaxation tracks to download, more useful information and video library.

Wise Hippo couples can also join the online ‘Wise Hippo Hub’ Facebook group where they can gain extra support and have any non medical questions answered.

The cost per couple is £18 plus P&P

It only takes one passionate midwife to make it happen.

You may find that your trust requires you to put together a business proposal in order to get the green light to train your midwives.

Some NHS Trusts offer the education for free and others see it a revenue earner. If you would like to receive an example of a business proposal for your trust please let us know as we have had many midwives in the past put these together. (There is no point reinventing the wheel!)


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A Wise Hippo teacher is passionate about childbirth and positive birth

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