World Doula Week

Mar 27, 2024 by Tamara Cianfini

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Celebrating Hypnobirthing Doulas This World Doula Week

World Doula Week is here, and it's the perfect moment to spotlight the incredible hypnobirthing doulas.

These unique professionals combine the calm and confidence of hypnobirthing with the supportive presence of a doula, making childbirth a more peaceful and empowering experience.

Hypnobirthing doulas guide expectant parents through relaxation, breathing, and visualisation techniques, turning the birthing process into a less daunting journey.

They stand as pillars of strength, ensuring a birth plan/preferences are respected and voices are heard, significantly enhancing the birthing experience.

Their impact is way beyond the physical.

New parents often report a more positive birth experience, with many feeling a profound emotional and psychological uplift. It’s not just about the birth itself but about supporting a serene transition into parenthood.

This World Doula Week, let's honour our extraordinary hypnobirthing doulas. Their work doesn't just support new life; it transforms the entire birth narrative into one of joy, strength, and peace.

To all hypnobirthing doulas...

Thank you for making such a significant difference in the world of childbirth. Your dedication is truly changing lives for the better.

Happy World Doula Week! Let's celebrate the amazing work of hypnobirthing doulas and spread awareness of their role in enriching the birthing experience.

Teaching Hypnobirthing and being a doula compliments both roles perfectly.

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With warmth and wisdom

The Wise Hippo x


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