Working in Harmony: A Tale of a Doula and Midwife's Partnership

Mar 23, 2023 by The Wise Hippo

image with cat

A hypnobirthing doula named Tamara and a midwife named Margaret were attending a homebirth together. The mother was laboring peacefully in a birthing pool, surrounded by soft music and scented candles.

As they worked together, Tamara used her hypnobirthing techniques to help the mother stay calm and focused, while Margaret relied on her years of experience to ensure everything was going smoothly.

Suddenly, there was a loud knock at the door. Margaret went to answer it and found the family cat, Oscar, meowing loudly outside. "

Looks like we have a furry little visitor!" Margaret said, scooping up the cat and bringing him into the room.

Tamara smiled, "Animals can be great companions during labor. Maybe Oscar can help mum relax even more."

As they worked together, Oscar made himself at home on the couch, occasionally jumping down to investigate what was going on. The mother even reached out to stroke his fur, finding comfort in his presence.

But then, just as the mother was about to have another surge, Oscar decided to jump into the birthing pool! Margaret and Tamara both gasped as the cat paddled around in the water, completely unfazed by the chaos he had caused.

The mother started to laugh, and soon everyone in the room was hysterical. Margaret scooped up the cat, dripping wet, and Tamara supported the mother through her surge.

It was a beautiful birth and the mother welcomed a healthy baby boy into the world. And while Oscar may not have been the most helpful of birthing companions, he had certainly provided some much-needed comic relief. 'Laughter is always welcome in the birthing environment, 'said Tamara.

From that day on when Midwife Margaret and Doula Tamara's path crossed at other births they would simply smile at each other, no words needed as they remembered Oscar and the wonderful memories created that day.

Happy World doula week 2023

The Wise Hippo