Here's to a Hattrick Hypnobirth for Harry and Kate Kane

Mar 30, 2023 by Tamara Cianfini

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Having baby number four for a hypnobirthing family means that the family will once again engage in the hypnobirthing process to prepare for the birth of their new baby.

Hypnobirthing is a childbirth education method that teaches expectant parents relaxation, breathing, and visualization techniques to help them have a calm and comfortable birthing experience.

This might explain why Harry is often characterized by his emotional stability, patience, attentiveness, mindfulness, stress management skills, clear communication, and adaptability - The perfect traits to captain England into their next big tournament along side supporting Kate with her Wise Hippo techniques.

Here are a few things that having baby number four might mean for a hypnobirthing family:

Confidence in the process:

By the time a family is expecting their fourth child, they have likely experienced the benefits of hypnobirthing in their previous births. This can give them confidence in the process and help them feel more relaxed and prepared for the upcoming birth.

Adapting to changes:

Each pregnancy and birth is unique, so a hypnobirthing family might need to adapt their techniques and approach to suit the specific circumstances of their fourth pregnancy. This could involve adjusting their birth plan/preferences, addressing any new concerns, or incorporating additional relaxation techniques.

Enhanced bonding:

The practice of hypnobirthing emphasizes the importance of bonding with the baby before and during the birth. With their fourth child, the family may have a deeper understanding of the benefits of prenatal bonding and will likely focus on strengthening their connection with the new baby.

Refresher courses:

Even though the family has practiced hypnobirthing before, they may choose to take a Wise Hippo refresher course or review materials to ensure they are up-to-date with the latest techniques and strategies. This can help them feel even more prepared and confident in their abilities to navigate the birthing process.

Involving siblings:

With three older children, the hypnobirthing family may choose to involve them in the process to some extent. This could mean educating the siblings about hypnobirthing, discussing their role during the birth, or simply preparing them for the arrival of their new sibling. This can help create a supportive and inclusive family environment.

Postpartum recovery:

The hypnobirthing family may already be familiar with the benefits of relaxation and breathing techniques for postpartum recovery. With baby number four, they may choose to further refine these techniques to help with their physical and emotional recovery after birth.

Sharing their experiences:

A celebrity hypnobirthing family like the Kane's that have now had multiple positive birth experiences may feel compelled to share their journey with others thus raising awareness of the benefits for more families to look into it.

When talking about her previous hypnobirth Kate says,

'Harry and I used hypnobirthing again like we did with both of the girls' births. I originally looked at hypnobirthing when I first got pregnant with Ivy as I was so fearful of birth and the unknown and it taught me not to fear birth and to take control of it.' Kate Kane

Having baby number four for a hypnobirthing family means they will once again engage in the hypnobirthing process, drawing from their past experiences while adapting to the unique circumstances of this pregnancy. They may choose to involve their older children, take refresher courses, and continue building on the skills they have developed through their previous births.

On behalf of all here at The Wise Hippo thank you for choosing us and here's to another 'Right Birth On The Day' for your lovely family.


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