Happy Mother's Day

Mar 20, 2023 by The Wise Hippo

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Mother's Day

 With every breath, with every sigh
A mother's strength, begins to rise
As she embarks on a journey, so divine
Her love and courage, forever entwined

Her hypnobirthing skills, so wise and true
A technique that helps her see it through
With every surge, with every wave
She trusts her body, to be brave

Her baby, now born, in peace and love
A miracle, sent from above
She's shown the world, the power within
And a new journey, now begins

A mother, so wise and true
Her love, a forever lasting hue
We thank you, dear mother, for all you do
May your love and wisdom, forever renew.

Happy Mother's Day, to a wise hypnobirthing mother
Your strength and grace, and inspiration like no other.