A Hippo Christmas Story

Dec 22, 2023 by Tamara Cianfini

DALLE 2023 12 22 14.03.19 In a magical festive Savannah setting the scene features Hattie the Hippo center stage in a river gracefully swimming or dancing. She radiates joy

Relief is the name of our real life hippo who lives in the Turgwe River, Zimbabwe. Each year we sponsor her and more details can be found about 'Save the Hippo's' by clicking here :  Our sponsored hippo Relief

A Hippo Christmas Story

In the cool vibe of the Turgwe River, where the grass sways to the rhythm of the wind and the sky paints itself with sunset hues, there lived Relief the hippo. She was the kind of gal who'd double-tap on adventure in a heartbeat, if only her nerves didn't hit her like a sudden storm disrupting a calm sea.

It was the festive season, and while everyone was gearing up for the epic annual Christmas splash-down, Relief's spirit sunk like a cracked phone screen. Water was her wifi, but anxiety kept dropping the connection.

Enter Hal, the zen master of the river, an old-school hippo whose chill could cool the sun. He spotted Relief, her gaze glued to the festive frolics, and floated over like a cloud on a lazy breeze.

"Yo, Relief," he said, all smiles and wisdom, "the river's got a playlist for everyone. Let's sync yours up, track by track."

Their sessions kicked off with Hal teaching Relief the art of the deep dive – not into the water, but into breathing. Inhale like you're charging up for a night out, hold it like the pause before the drop of your favorite beat, exhale like you're blowing away a bad vibe.

Next, Hal spun the visualisations. "Picture this," he'd say, "you're in the water, but it's not just water, it's liquid light – full of sparkle like a Christmas tree, cozy and cool."

Relief practiced, picturing herself in a river of holiday lights, shimmering and safe. Each visualisation session was like adding a new decoration to her mental Christmas tree, each one a promise of joy.

Then came the moves. Hal taught her that water wasn't a barrier but a dance floor. "Move with it, flow with it," he coached. "It's like learning the steps to the ultimate Christmas jingle."

On land, Relief rehearsed her water waltz until her body found the rhythm, until she could feel the beat of the river in her bones.

When the big day came, the Turgwe river was lit with yuletide cheer and Relief was ready to unveil her new groove. She stepped into the water, now a sparkling wonderland reflecting the festive lights, and let the river take the lead.

She swam! With each stroke, she unwrapped the gift of confidence, with each dive, she sparkled like the tinsel on a tree. The others watched, their jaws dropping like snowflakes, as Relief owned the Christmas river rave.

From then on, Relief's vibes were all about the flow. She'd learned that with a little jamming and a lot of heart, even the wildest waters could turn into the smoothest sailing.

So, here's to finding your rhythm in the holiday currents and making waves that sparkle. Hippo Christmas, everyone! 

With warmth and wisdom

The Wise Hippo x

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