A career with The Wise Hippo

Wise Hippo Teacher Training Dates

Next Training date will be April 25th and 26th London Heathrow.


Make your mark teaching

The Wise Hippo pays homage to the values that make teaching top quality antenatal education vital in today's society. Teaching the Wise Hippo is sociable, accessible, exciting, and inclusive – Your classes will be a great way to bring people together from all walks of life at this very special time in their lives. We’re looking to expand our team and fill it with like-minded, wonderful people that are passionate about teaching, empowering parents with knowledge and making birth better for all.

A place where you can flourish

Working as a Wise Hippo teacher is fun, rewarding and flexible. We offer support that can take you far from the day you join, the commitment and care you’ll receive from us all in the Pod will be second to none, and this will continue throughout your time with us.

The Wise Hippo offers the best Hypnobirthing training there is, a wonderful supportive community, great teaching materials – Starting a business takes commitment and dedication but expect to reap the rewards once you are all set up and ready to teach this life changing education

Our team defines us

Our teachers are as unique as our brand is. We seek out those who are passionate and dedicated to making a difference in their community. Those who really value education. We’re in the birth business, so we love hearing your enthusiasm for changing people's lives when we receive your amazing birth stories from your satisfied customers.

One thing we all have in common is our passion for bringing babies into the world in the best possible way, which shines through in the way we care for our pregnant couples that book our courses. It’s what we care about most.

Our reason for being

The Wise Hippo was started not only to repurpose and modernise Hypnobirthing, but also to create a programme that is a joy to teach. Attending a Wise Hippo course is inclusive, sociable, accessible and life changing. Becoming a Wise Hippo teacher is all these things too.

We are a company where differences and choices are celebrated rather than judged, a company that treats people well and values the hard work that you do attracting pregnant couples to your individual buisnes's– enabling us all to share in our success.

We love people

We love to make people happy by empowering them with this knowledge. Our ethos is to have a big, warm, open heart and being the best that we can be with everything we do. We don’t just teach people; we take them in, look after them and give them space to enjoy an unforgettable educational experience where new friendships are often made.

We want to make your time teaching The Wise Hippo special, rewarding, profitable and unforgettable.