Welcoming the WAVES and understanding the SURGE

Oct 12, 2023 by Tamara Cianfini


Hello, Wise ones,

Today I though I would discuss a term you might have heard fluttering around: a "surge." As you embark on the unique journey of parenthood, hypnobirthing invites you to view the process of birth from a serene and positive perspective. And the language we use plays a vital role in shaping this experience. So, why "surge" and not the commonly used "contraction"?

The Beauty of a "Surge" ????

In hypnobirthing, we prefer using the term "surge" to describe those powerful waves that gently guide your baby into the world. You might ask, why the swap in terminology? Well, language has a potent impact on our perceptions and emotions. “Contraction” may conjure images of tension, tightness, and resistance. In contrast, envision a "surge" – a strong, yet gentle wave of energy that rises, peaks, and smoothly falls away.

The Natural Rhythm of Birth

When we think of surges, we’re embracing the natural, rhythmic flow of birth. Just like ocean waves, each surge rises, peaks, and subsides, all while organically creating a path for your baby. Hypnobirthing encourages you to ride these waves with tranquility and assurance, trusting your body’s innate wisdom in the birthing journey.

A Nurturing Embrace ????

In using “surge,” we’re nurturing a positive, empowering mindset towards birth. By associating each wave with a powerful and positive force, mothers often find themselves more at ease, embracing each surge with confidence and calmness. Rather than a hurdle, each surge becomes a step closer to meeting your little one, offering an engaging, heartwarming embrace with every wave.

Harmonising with Your Body ????

Referring to this phase as a "surge" helps to align our mindset harmoniously with the natural, instinctive processes of our bodies. It reminds us that our bodies are adeptly synchronised with the birthing process, beautifully crafted to support us and our babies in this momentous journey.

Let's celebrate these powerful waves, recognising them as the magnificent, natural phenomena that they are, leading you ever closer to the magical moment of welcoming your little one into the world.

Sending you waves of positivity and serene strength for your birthing journey ahead. 

Remember, your journey is unique, your surges are yours alone, and in them, you’ll find the incredible power and resilience that lies within you. 

With warmth and wisdom

The Wise Hippo x

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