My Pregnancy Retreat - Spend the weekend with Tamara Cianfini

Oct 21, 2022 by The Wise Hippo

Preg retreat for busy

Are you pregnant, feeling anxious and finding it hard to find the time to prepare for your special day?

In just one weekend you can now learn essential birth preparation to transform any unprepared and anxious feelings into confidence and knowhow.

You and your partner will arrive Friday afternoon and spend 2 nights in your very own woodland retreat. Getting there is easy. It's a short 40 min train journey from London to Hertford and then a 5 minute walk from the station.

During the day you will learn all that you need to know with one of the UK's leading hypnobirthing experts, Tamara Cianfini, Founder of The Wise Hippo Birthing Programme.

Hertford, Herts was voted the UK's most liveable city ( Halifax quality of life survey 2020) and offers many fabulous bars and restaurants. This charming market town is steeped in history and surrounded by beautiful country walks, rivers and canals.

This is a wonderful opportunity to connect with nature, your partner and your precious baby. You will spend invaluable quality and dedicated time exploring your birthing options, learning what to expect and most importantly gain the education and techniques to remain calm, relaxed and in control on your birthing day.

Your teacher, Tamara Cianfini, has been living and literally breathing hypnobirthing since discovering it for herself whilst pregnant with her second child and it is the very reason why she has dedicated the last 15 years to teaching and training other teachers and midwives how to support pregnant couples this way.

Tamara's hypnobirthing programme is one of the only evidence-based hypnobirthing programmes on the market with hundreds of teachers and midwives training to teach it as well as many household names choosing to use it.

Tamara is the founder of World Hypnobirthing day and the Author of The Birth Path book ( you will of course receive a signed copy as part of the resources/materials presented to you)

Tamara has just opened the doors to this retreat and availability is limited. Weekday bookings can be accommodated on request

During this weekend you'll learn simple, practical and effective tools to help you and your partner make decisions that are right for you and your baby.

  • You might be so busy at work and therefore looking for a way to educate yourself quickly and easily.
  • You might be interested in increasing your knowledge to ensure that you give yourself, your partner and your baby the best opportunity to achieve a positive birth experience.
  • You might be curious about hypnobirthing to incorporate these tools and techniques during your labour and birth to help you both stay calm and in control

Whether you are 20 weeks pregnant or have only a few weeks to go, this life changing retreat is for you and your birth partner.

This unique hypnobirthing programme is designed specifically by Tamara herself with plenty of wonderful resources to support your learning along the way including her beautiful hypnobirthing downloads and educational videos that you will find in your exclusive resource HUB. Tamara's programme has been a catalyst for transforming the lives of thousands of parents and babies around the world.

The UK's unpredictable maternity system is currently experiencing overworked midwives and staff shortages and it is for this reason why you must take charge of your birth and equip yourself with great antenatal education. It is vital that you both feel prepared and ready to handle anything that crosses your path on the day.

You cannot put a price on a positive birth experience!

Investment/cost - £575 per person ( Includes 2 nights accommodation, full antenatal education, breakfast, lunch, ongoing support from Tamara)

It would be a pleasure to have you stay with me so that I can share my birthing wisdom with you. To find out more and to check availability simply email:

I look forward to meeting you soon.

Tamara x

The Wise Hippo helps pregnant couples achieve the right birth on the day!

P.S. There is no better gift for your baby than a calm, gentle birth.

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