The only way is a homebirth hypnobirth says Ferne

Jul 17, 2023 by Tamara Cianfini

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When former The Only Way Is Essex (TOWIE) star, Ferne McCann, first became a mother, she turned to the Wise Hippo Birthing Programme for her preparation.

This unique, comprehensive childbirth education programme focuses on hypnobirthing, equipping expecting parents with knowledge and confidence.

The beauty of such education is that it leaves a lasting imprint. This wealth of knowledge stays with you, and when it came time for Ferne to welcome her second child into the world on the 6th July, all she needed was a hypnobirthing refresher class.

Hypnobirthing techniques are all about making birth a positive experience, minimising the fear and tension that can cause the birthing process to slow down.

By embracing this approach for her firstborn, Sunday, Ferne built a strong foundation of trust in her body's natural ability to birth. When pregnant with her second child, this confidence was deeply embedded in her, leading to the decision to opt for a homebirth.

Ferne exclusively told OK! Magazine, "I got the home birth I wanted, however it’s nothing like how I imagined it. My life never goes to plan, so you’ve just got to go with it." It sure sounds like she remained flexible and receptive to the changing dynamics throughout. This is exactly what The Wise Hippo empowers parents to do.

Indeed, Ferne's openness to unpredictability was evident not just in the birth itself but also in her choice of her baby's name. The name Finty, a charming girl’s name of English origin, meaning “pure,” had been on Ferne's baby name list since she was pregnant with her first daughter. It was an unexpected find, discovered during a spontaneous online search and realising that it was none other than Judi Dench’s daughter’s nickname.

Ferne described the profound connection she felt, saying, "I just feel so connected to the name – she came out and she was just Finty. I think she sounds like a character out of Bridgerton."

Ferne’s birthing experience was authentically captured on camera for her ITVBe reality show, First Time Mum. The TOWIE star is excited to share her home birth journey with fans and said of her newborn, "But she’s perfect and she’s here."

Ferne's birth experience stands testament to her enduring strength and resilience. It underscores the vital role of educational resources like The Wise Hippo Birthing Programme in empowering parents with knowledge, confidence, and trust in their birthing process.

Ferne's story highlights how hypnobirthing techniques can equip expectant parents with the confidence to trust in their bodies and make choices that resonate with their desires and circumstances. And through it all, it underlines the fact that birth – much like life itself – can veer off track and not go according to plan. But even so, it can still be a beautiful, transformative journey. Huge congratulations to Ferne, Lorri and Sunday on hypnobirth number two. 

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