I will never get bored of baby cuddles!

Sept 23, 2022 by Tamara Cianfini

me with baby charlotte

I love being a hypnobirthing teacher trainer...

Even after many years of training hypnobirthing teachers and attending births as a doula...

...it STILL lights me up and gives me such a comforting buzz.

See, I adore teaching great antenatal education because it changed my life.

I went from being bored and unfulfilled in a mundane job...

...to changing lives for a living and working on my own clock versus someone else's.

What a gift training to become a hypnobirthing teacher was for me!

That's why I made it my mission to pass on my experience to as many people who also wanted to teach antenatal classes for a living.

If you value birth preparation education and are looking for a way to set up your own business as a teacher then go ahead and contact us today at training@thewisehippo.com.

We will then send you out a free teacher training pack so that you can gain more insight into what it is like to teach The Wise Hippo Birthing Programme and be a part of this incredibly supportive community.

You might just be exactly what the expectant parents in your area need right now...

Have a lovely weekend.

Tamara x

PS Just got back from having a cuddle with this bundle of joy.....so beautiful, so calm and wow so much hair! Her mum is still on cloud nine after her wonderful birth and to be honest so am I after witnessing how beautifully she breathed this little one into the world....love my job! x

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