How our garden revealed a secret message

Aug 14, 2023 by Tamara Cianfini

sophia 2

Hello Wise Ones,

I've got a story from this weekend that's too marvelous not to share. Our very own Wise Hippo teacher, Sophia, had an experience that has me wondering if the Law of Attraction isn't just playfully winking at us.

Sophia and her husband, having lived in their beautiful home for three years, enjoy spending their weekends nurturing their garden and often describing it as their special place in nature.

Just yesterday, as they were preparing a patch for a new plant, Sophia's spade struck something unexpected. Buried beneath their garden's soil was a statue of - you guessed it - a hippo! Given that Sophia is affectionately referred to as "Wise Hippo Sophia", this discovery is undeniably remarkable.

Isn't this a perfect showcase of the Law of Attraction? Of all the artifacts that could've lain hidden there, it was a symbol resonating with Sophia's identity. The universe seems to have a delightful way of confirming we're aligned with our paths.

Speaking of serendipities, I had a jaw-dropping moment myself. I received a WhatsApp photo from my best friend vacationing in Morzine, France. The snapshot? My bestie ( Caz) alongside my daughter Alana's closest friend ( Yaz) OMG, Caz and Yaz!!!! - two individuals who'd never met before! They'd struck up a conversation at a party and soon realised the mutual connection. Mind = blown! Small world! 

How about you? Any recent cosmic coincidences or moments that left you awestruck? I'm eager to hear your tales of how the universe communicates with you. Do share in the comments!

Until next time, remain curious, believe in the magic, and always be open to life's marvelous mysteries.

With warmth and wisdom

The Wise Hippo x